Acceptable use

Last updated on 10/4/2022


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Restricted Uses of our Services

We reserve to the right to restrict access to our services at any moment based solely on our own discretion. Certain uses of our services are not considered acceptable. The following uses are explicitly prohibited:

  • I.P. Infringement. Any business selling counterfeit or licensed materials without authorization is not permitted to use our services.
  • Sale of Illegal Substances.Platforms selling illegal drugs are prohibited from using our services.
  • Promotion of Violence.Websites promoting violence are not allowed to use our services.
  • Layers of Abstraction.You may not sell our services as your own with an added layer of abstraction or with additional services.

We are not limited to the above restricted uses in determining whether or not to withold our services. We maintain full discretion in denying a platform our services. While not required to, we may provide violating platforms a warning and a grace period during which they must adhere to this policy or face permanent denial of our services. We may or may not give cause to a removed platform. Removed platforms may petition our decision but we may not consider such a petition.

A platform once deemed to be compliant with this policy may later be determined to be in violation and denied use of our services.

If you believe an entity is using our services and violating our acceptable use policy, please let us know.